What is UniFOSS?

Universities for FOSS is movement to consolidate all efforts toward building active FOSS communities in Indian colleges and universities. We work to enable a free flowing of knowledge, ideas and projects.

To achieve this, we are connecting a diverse network of learners, creators and thinkers, who believe that Universities can be a place to learn through productive discourse, experimentation and exploration. Our philosophy is a rejection of the current state of affairs, where Universities are in the business of providing a rigid, Procrustean, and prepackaged form of education, with the goal of optimizing rankings, or profits, or both, as opposed to the pursuit of the deep satisfaction that comes with learning.

If many of these beliefs describe you or your community, UniFOSS is the platform for you:

  • The idea of a society rooted in openly sharing ideas, knowledge, and code to help others grow with you excites you
  • You love FOSS in ways that go beyond its benefits to your career, and you want the ecosystem of FOSS in India to thrive
  • You are a strong believer in creating value, one that impacts society positively, which pushes you to be a producer rather than a consumer
  • You love tinkering and building things, often just for fun
  • You value authentic interactions, and the humanity of tightly-knit communities
  • You want to push back against the crass commodification of education built around a fixed image of what one's career should be

Think of UniFOSS to be a souk (also known as chowk or bazaar) for the meeting points of ideas from various places that gave way to prosperity.

We want to make Universities a source of innovation. We want to be curious again. We want to love learning again.